The first question often asked is “Am I insured for this?”

The middle of an emergency is usually a confusing time, and being able to rely on someone else can go a long way towards helping with your sanity!
First General Okanagan management has many years of insurance claim knowledge, and can help you every step of the way.


Keep your insurance papers handy!

Knowing who to contact and how to reach them is important, so keep your house insurance papers somewhere you can access them quickly. Then just hand them to us and we will walk you through all the steps to follow once we talk to your insurance broker on your behalf.


  1. Report the incident to your insurance broker. Make sure you have your policy number, and a police report handy if there is one.
  2. Make a detailed inventory, describing the damages and loss to your home, property, and personal belongings. Take pictures or videos, if possible, which capture the damage.
  3. Make sure to keep all receipts of all expenditures, including hotel accommodations, restaurant receipts, etc, since most home insurance policies cover temporary expenditures.
  4. Do not dispose of any damaged personal property without letting your insurance agent or claims advisor know first.
  5. Provide all applicable documentation such as proof of ownership and original purchase receipts to support your claim.
  6. At some point shortly after the initial report, most insurance companies bring in an insurance adjuster to evaluate the extent of the damage and the cost of repair.
  7. Insurance companies will often have a list of Preferred Vendors such as First General Okanagan, but we can certainly help you immediately and simplify the process for you by working directly with your insurance company ourselves.