First General Okanagan uses the most advanced equipment in the industry to clean up soot and debris damage.

After a home or commercial building fire, once the property has been deemed stabilized and is declared safe by the authorities, First General Okanagan will evaluate the site, clean what is salvageable, and protect the building environment. We want to work quickly because smoke can cause a lot of damage, such as getting into furniture, walls, ceilings, clothes, etc. The longer you leave smoke or residue after a fire, the more the probability of irreversible damage to furniture and fixtures. Our goal is to allow you to get back to your home or get back to your business as quickly as possible.

How we deal with smoke and soot damage

Although a lot of damage is immediately visible, there are a lot of not-so-visible places that need to be addressed as well.

  • Immediate attention is needed in order to avoid smoke and soot stains setting in, or mold and pipe corrosion.
  • Cleaning soot and residue from kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures immediately can prevent damage to their surfaces so that they don’t need to be replaced.
  • We provide hard surface cleaning
  • We remove ash, soot and debris.
  • We can provide demolition and/or structural stabilization where required.
  • We can provide extraction of water from firefighter hoses or deployed sprinkler systems
  • We provide odor control and air purification.
  • We offer full restoration and reconstruction services, either to homeowners or to insurance companies on behalf of the home or business owners.


Fire Damage Control

Whether the fire damaged property is a home, a strata complex, a commercial building or an industrial complex, First General Okanagan is happy to help every step of the way to help you get back into your home or your business as quickly as possible.