Insurance coverage for properties damaged by water must first determine the source of that damage.

Most people don’t realize that there is a big difference on how insurance companies deal with claims due to water damage caused by nature, such as floods caused by river or creek overflows after torrential rains, and claims due to water damage caused by burst pipes or sewer backups.

What are some causes of what is referred to as “water damage” caused by non-natural or “man-made” events?

  • water lines breaking
  • air conditioner leaks
  • bathtub overflows
  • sink overflows
  • toilet overflows
  • leaky pipes
  • supply lines to washing machine leaking and washing machine malfunctions
  • sewer backups
  • sump pump issues
  • automatic sprinkler system malfunctions
  • water damage caused by water hoses after a fire.

It is really amazing to think of all the different factors that can cause water damage in a home or business. First General Okanagan provides 24-hour emergency service to deal with these issues right away, as soon as you discover them!


Flood Damage

Restoration after a flood caused by nature is still the process to bring your home back to its former state before water damage, but insurance companies have a different way of dealing with such claims.

  • property damage caused by river or creek overflows