Tree fallen on your roof? House or commercial building hit by a vehicle?

When certain disasters happen, a quick response time as well as a quick repair time can make all the difference in the world! First General Okanagan can be there immediately and we can also handle your insurance claim for you and deal directly with your insurance company on your behalf so that you don’t have to!

If a tree falls on your roof during a windstorm, First General Okanagan can employ all kinds of immediate methods to start repairs.

  • Tree removal and placement of roof tarp to avoid any rain damage.
  • Assessment of all damage.
  • Demolition of unsafe structural elements.
  • Tear-out of damaged material such as roof shingles, carpets, etc.
  • Remove all old material from your premises.


Vehicle Impact Damage

Accidents do happen! Whether caused by inattention, medical distress or inclement weather, vehicles impacting structures happen quite often. Immediate response time is key so that the insides of your property are not exposed to the elements.

First General Okanagan will commence immediately:

  • Board up exposed areas
  • Remove debris
  • Secure structural damage